About us

NASIONAL OIL was established on 2012 as a sister company of PARAMADHITA LUBRICANT CONSULTANT a chemical analyst company which has been long cooperate with General Ministry of MIGAS to do quality assurance from every lubricant products sold in Indonesia.

With the spirit of nationalism and inspired by the pride of national products, in the year of 2012 a group of lubricant analyst and formulator began a research and development program to create a lubricant formulation with a goal to create quality lubricant products 100% made in Indonesia which serve the best interest of the nation’s lubrication needs.

Through comprehensive laboratory tests as well as product performance tests, on 17th of August 2013 at the nation’s 68th Independence Day, NASIONAL OIL began to market its product lines for the very first time with product segmentation for passenger car and motorcycle lubricant.

As the progress grows, NASIONAL OIL now has wider range of products to fulfill lubrication needs in Indonesia. Beside PREMIA Series line of products for passenger vehicles, NASIONAL OIL offers LUBRINA Series line of products to serve industrial and corporation needs.

From all these product lines, NASIONAL OIL products cover various lubrication needs including passenger car lubricant both gasoline and diesel type, motorcycle lubricant, lubricants for trucks, busses and heavy duty machineries, hydraulics lubricant and lubricants for shipping industry.